Testimonial 847

Working with Mike Hamel over the last few years, professionally and now as a mentor/life coach, for me has been a game changer. Mike is extremely personable, encouraging, and insightful on his life experiences which can easily be applied to someone like myself who is actively trying to grow themselves both professionally and in personal life.

Being a young professional, I seek guidance from other professionals that I look up to and that have reached a certain level of success that I strive for. In just a couple of sessions Mike has given me a few tools that I have applied to my day-to-day that have increased my chances to reach my goals. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals brings value and this what Mike can do for you.

  • Michael B.

  • Property Manager
Testimonial 856

As a leader in one of mikes companies, I have been given the tools necessary to lead with confidence, and poise, even in new, difficult, situations. With mikes help I have learned so many invaluable leadership skills!”

  • Gene K.

  • Field Operations Manager
Testimonial 858

Mike is the definition of a leader. His passion, work ethic, and drive inspire all of those around him. When facing a challenge Mike jumps in using his experience and leadership qualities to develop an innovating solution. Managers hold people accountable; leaders make people want to be personally accountable—Mike has a way to make people want to be personally accountable

  • Katie S.

  • Office Operations Manager
Testimonial 860

Having worked with Mike for over 15 years, his drive, determination and passion for what he does is the motivation that he uses to inspire everyone he comes in contact with. Mike is very driven individual who strives to bring the best out of anyone he works with, whether it involves work or your personal life, he’s there to help if needed

  • Kyle S.

  • Vice President
Testimonial 862

My impression when I worked with Mike in the construction industry years ago was a lasting one. I was struck at how he treated everyone the same and conducting himself always in an energetic professional manner. I knew that was the type of businessperson/owner I wanted to strive to be. I never thought almost ten years later I would have the opportunity to learn directly from Mike. The best part of learning from Mike is knowing his guidance comes from years of experience. Mike not ashamed to share a past mistake. He revels in explaining his mistakes, so you do not make the same. At Miss Steel LLC, Mike has helped to coach in all aspects of the business and personal growth for myself and my business partner. A few of the items Mike has been able to help with our financial, operational, organizational, communication to name a few.

  • Dave S.

  • Partner
Testimonial 864

As a business owner, I know just how valuable time is. Mike Hamel has been such an asset to my business. He reached out on LinkedIn offering to mentor new businesses. My partner quickly followed up with him and asked if he could participate. Mike committed his time every other week for months having phone calls and in person meetings with my partner and I on all aspects of business ownership, i.e., financial information, financings, insurance, forecasting, and budgeting to name a few. If you do not know Mike personally, the first impression he makes is his enthusiasm and passion for whatever he is doing. He is always professional and courtesy and truly cares about others. He is always willing to help and taking the time to explain his own personal experiences, both positive and negative in a practical way so you can understand a concept or avoid a pitfall. Our business is greater for the wealth of knowledge and experience Mike’s mentoring has brought to our company.

  • Lisa W.

  • Partner
Testimonial 866

Working with Mike has been a wonderful experience! Mike’s energy and passion for helping others is second to none. He has helped me get specific about my goals and develop a game plan to achieve them. It is obvious that Mike has the knowledge, experience, resources, and drive to be a great leader and a great coach. I would recommend Mike to anyone who is looking for mentorship and coaching.

  • Rick O.

  • Assistant Vice President
Testimonial 868

Mike is an exceptional person who I respect both personally and professionally. I have had the pleasure of having Mike as a mentor and his insight and guidance have proven to be invaluable to me. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and I feel very fortunate that he has taken me under his wing. Mike continues to see the opportunity in every challenge and has a way of motivating and pulling the very best out of people. His business acumen and advice have helped provide the needed direction I was seeking, and his focus on contributing to others is a true inspiration. I highly recommend working with Mike.

  • Jerid M.

  • Managing Member


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