Summer Season

Summer Season

Summer Season

Driving down to Windham for the start of our summer season. We have a three-man crew on the job to get a leg up before a massive crew starts the week of July 4th. Giving thanks for everything I have and for the great team we have at HMA is in my mind today. I find being grateful helps everything else flow more smoothly. As we get into the summer season things start to roll as we reap all the springtime effort we put in as a team. The springtime challenges certainly test our team in many ways, from keeping the crews busy, to making the necessary connections so we generate as many opportunities as possible.

This summer season we still have the need for a substantial amount of work for our crews, so the springtime focus to generate work can’t be cast away because it is summer. In our business, we must continue to plant seeds to secure work for our future success. I have found that I have allowed myself and the team to get relaxed as we get busier in the summer and fall seasons. As we get into 2025 and, knowing that there is uncertainty about where the economy is going, our team needs to market and sell like we are a new business.

Keeping our mindset strong is super important. Everything starts with our state. If we as leaders show that we are not doing well, that gets rippled through the company.

Marketing now is very important along with sales as I stated above. Creating times for me and my key people in my business to work on marketing needs to be structured each week. Showing a strong and passionate story is important. Leading by example is also very important.

At HMA we have a vision and a mission that serves us well so we can deliver for our coworkers and our clients. We also understand that we need to work in a safe, quality and productive way. On Monday mornings our crews have their safety meetings. Getting safety on top of mind is the most important thing we can do for each other. Our senior leaders get the chance to share safety stories from their past. Keeping everyone safe is so important.

Adding value for our clients so their business is successful is very important. Without building a strong client base (Raving Fans) our business would rely on only low-priced bid work.

Measurement as to how the jobs and the company is doing financially needs to be done on a daily and weekly basis. Giving myself a day to focus on financials helps me and the company to stay on top of things. We always have a budget to compare our results against to measure how we are doing. We also compare our financials to the previous year. On my financial day, we focus on timely collections, and we also review job cost reports for on-going jobs. An important line to understand in the construction industry is the importance of equipment utilization. When we bid on work we need to mark up our overhead and profitability in away to make sure that we don’t price ourselves out of the market.

In the summer you can see a lot of contractors out early with their crews. Over the years I have met some of the smartest people I know in the construction business. It seems like the work ethic and the drive to be our best runs strong in our industry.


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