Staying Strong Will Keep Us Going

Staying Strong Will Keep Us Going

In our lives, we will all be gifted with challenges that will help us tap into our greatness. The test is whether we are prepared for those challenges. Sometimes we can grind and work our tails off to break through the barriers that have been put in front of us.

However, grinding for too long will take a toll on us, both physically and mentally. Staying strong and healthy during our most pressing times is the key that will help us to use our challenges as launching pads for true success and fulfillment.

6 Ways to Build Strength

Incantations: One of the first strength-building tools that I found in my thirties is to come up with a strong positive message that you can repeat to yourself while you are in a really high peak state. An example of a time I have used this is in my car on the way to work out, or on my way to work. I learned this practice from Tony Robbins.

Tony calls this an incantation. Some people call it a mantra. My incantation that I say when I am super pumped is, “I am a great person, friend, partner, and lover, and I care about all kinds of people. I appreciate everything I have, and I strive for more and more for myself and for those around me.”

Exercise: Lifting weights, running, and walking are a great way to get your day started off right. Many people have a lot of success with yoga, and the benefits prepare them for a productive day.

Reading in the morning: This is something I always left for bedtime. Not until this past year have I found the secret to what we can get out of reading in the morning. Do this before you reach for your phone. It gives you a chance to get your brain prepared for a day of learning. Grabbing our phones first puts us in reaction mode.

Gratitude exercises: Meditation, prayer, visualizing our desires as accomplished, and appreciating what we have in our lives are all ways to prime ourselves for a great day.

The state that we live in: Something else that I learned from Tony Robbins is the importance of remaining in a peak state. Our state is made up of three things: our focus, our physiology, and the language we use. The easiest way to control our state is to change our physiology first. Our thoughts follow our bodies.

Weekly and daily planning: Having outcomes in our lives, rather than a list of to-dos that will never give us true satisfaction, will help to give us the focus for what is really important to us in our life. We all need to figure out what is most important in our life so we can build desired outcomes that will charge us up to move forward. Managing five big outcomes is a lot less stressful than looking at a to-do list of thirty things.

Mental and physical strength don’t come easy. Focusing on our mind and body sometimes takes a back seat to all of the other pressing things in our lives. What are we all focusing on during the day? What are we watching and reading on a daily basis? Are we feeding our minds so we can go through our day at maximum intensity towards our outcomes?

Physical challenges and exercise can jumpstart our mind so we can get the most out of ourselves. Meditating in the morning and doing some gratitude journaling give us a perspective that most people don’t get in their day. These are some really good tools to prime us for the day so we can prepare ourselves for anything.

We all must realize that we need to give ourselves some personal space so we can spend time alone. This will allow us to explore some of the things that will help us to be our best, while also finding fulfillment throughout our days. Lastly, love what you do and find something that will pull you out of bed in the morning. Being pushed to do something is tiring and it will not ultimately fulfill you.

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